Chef Bobby Buzz began with Chef Robert Passarelli's dream of sharing his cooking with the world. In his nearly forty years in the hospitality business, Chef Bobby Buzz has prepared food for all kinds of people, including three Governors of the State of North Carolina, on down to his own children, two wonderful daughters.

When Chef Bobby Buzz launched his fledgling business, he was a neophyte in the ways of the internet. All he wanted to do was get his rubs in people's hands. He knew that if you tried just one bite of one of his steaks, you'd immediately be converted, forever addicted to the "buzz" and never satisfied with an ordinary piece of meat again.

Bob shared such a cut of meat with his neighbor, Ryan McLaughlin, a graphic designer and instructor at the Academy of Art University. Ryan was instantly hooked, and a partnership was born. Ryan helped revamp the labels and launch this website.

The mission of Chef Bobby Buzz is this: To bring quality cooking and eating experiences to people all over the world, never compromising on excellence. This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But that's not the whole story. At Chef Bobby Buzz, we believe cooking and eating should be a fun, memorable experience--never dull or rote. We hope that's reflected in our labels, our website, our videos, and everything we do.

It's still a very small business where each order is shipped by Chef Bob or Ryan with due care and respect. We want you to smile when that package arrives. Join the Chef Bobby Buzz family and order today!